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The Wacky Wagon Thread Co. announces the relaunch and rebranding of its company in 2019


YODER, COLORADO (December 17, 2018) - The popular graphic tee apparel company known as

The Wacky Wagon Thread Co. announced today that it will be relaunching its brand, and as of

January 1, 2019, the company will relaunch under the name WildVogue. 

According to Jolene Hamilton, The Wacky Wagon Thread Co. founder, the relaunch is necessary to

propel the brand forward in a new and exciting direction. 


"Though The Wacky Wagon Thread Co. will always have a special place in my heart, a lot of

things have changed for the brand in the past three years, and to reach the brand's full

potential some changes to the company's branding and positioning must be made,"

explains Hamilton.


When the brand launched in 2016, fun and funky graphic tees were the only items in

the store's unique catalog, but since then things have certainly changed.


"I started The Wacky Wagon Thread Co. when I was just starting in the design and

fashion arts. Since that time, my passion, ideas and skill sets have evolved

tremendously, making it necessary to rebrand," says Hamilton. 


Now as a seasoned and well-known designer and influencer in the western

fashion industry, Hamilton has recognized a need for western fashion that

captures the timeless appeal of the American Cowgirl, while incorporating

modern class and sophistication. 


"My ultimate vision is to influence and create high-class fashion in the wild frontier,"

declares Hamilton. "Many fads go out of style. But elegance and modesty is one thing

that has been appreciated across all eras of fashion."


While the brand will still offer fun and rugged designs in The Wacky Wagon's portfolio,

customers will notice a shift in the style and taste of the brand. Also, WildVogue will offer one

of a kind wall art designs, homestead items, designer cell phone covers, affordable and

high-class boutique items, along with rustic and fashionable western graphic threads. 


WildVogue pieces will be styled with modesty and western elegance for all generations to admire. 


"WildVogue celebrates the American cowgirls who embrace high standards and rich western heritage,"

declares Hamilton. "It is my goal to offer luxurious western style at affordable prices."


As of January 2019, all media, legal, and intellectual properties of the company will be under the trademarked name

WildVogue. After January 1, the online store can be found at

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