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We are proud to introduce WildVogue Photography! Based in rural Eastern Colorado, we are in a central location and we're willing to travel to most areas of Colorado. WildVogue's founder, Jolene Hamilton, is the woman behind the lens and she specializes in portrait, lifestyle and rodeo photography. Contact us to inquire about our services, or book us online. 

For more information or to book online, click here.


WildVogue's founder, Jolene Hamilton, has extensive knowledge and experience in the art of graphic design. Aside from being the only designer of WildVogue who has built the popular brand from the ground up, she has worked for many agricultural and rodeo powerhouse companies as a marketing and graphic design professional. Her talent and appreciation for the western indusrty sets her apart in her field, and now you can book her services for your own project. Whether you are an individual or a corporation, we're confident you will be happy with our creative design services. 

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