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Daddy Issues

At 31 I am often asked, "why on earth are you still single?" Though I try not to dwell on being single, because to be honest, I'm doing just fine, lately I've been reflecting on this question, and I can say with 100% certainty I have "daddy issues". · · I have yet to find a man who works sun up to sun down but still has time for me. · · One who sits around the table to talk about my day or helps me solve a problem even when the weight of the world is on HIS shoulders. · · One who can put a seed in the ground and manage to grow a crop with only a few drops of rain and sheer determination. · · One who can fix a broken down washing machine with a few tools and a spring from an old mattress. · · One gentle enough to nurse a newborn calf back to life but tough enough to break a stubborn colt. · · One who puts me in my place and sets stern boundaries but never stops loving me for me. · · One who has chose to love me through my shortfalls and mistakes instead of walking away. · · One who may not make it to church on Sunday but works side by side with God daily to provide for me. · · One who doesn't just complain, but volunteers his time and works selflessly to make a difference for his family and community. · · One who can provide safety, love, and stability even when times are tough · · One with a heart of gold and hands of steel. · · I know they still exist, but they are few and far between. So I have my dad to thank, for he has set the bar too high it seems.

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