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Dear single gals, you are chosen!

This one's for the single gals.

The one with tears in her eyes as she opens the wedding invitation of a cousin that's ten years younger than her.

The one who rocks her niece or nephew to sleep with a heavy heart wondering if she'll ever have one of her own.

The one who tries not to break down when she's asked for the millionth time "why haven't you settled down yet?"

The one who literally aches because she has so much love built up inside her, but nobody to give that love to.

I feel you. I am her. She is me.

You see I grew up in a family surrounded by good wives and good mothers. I dreamed of my wedding day and the days of motherhood since the day I can remember because THAT was surely my purpose as a woman.

I put so much pressure on myself to find a good man and fulfill my "purpose" as a woman that I ended up finding all the wrong men and feeling even more empty than before.

After the latest heartbreak I poured my heart out to God. Why was He punishing me when my intentions are so good? Why was He denying me a future and a meaningful life?

It was in that moment I had this amazing peace rush over me. He wants me all to Himself!! I am not cursed, I am chosen!!

Then it occurred to me all of the single women in the Bible, and how God used them to change mankind forever. These women were totally reliant on God. Their eyes were only on Him, and because of that He could use their hearts, minds and souls completely.

From them Christianity was born, the world was changed, and mankind was saved.

So, the next time you feel like you don't have value or you don't have purpose. Think again. Ask God to use you, to guide you, and to reveal His plan for your life.

He loves you so much, He is saving you for the one who truly deserves you because your time & attention is too valuable to Him.

And when that man comes along God will bless you. But if he never does, please know that you have a crown on your head that is worth way more than a ring on your finger.

You are His. You are chosen. Now go...move mountains. 💋

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