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I love being a cowGIRL

I love being a cowgirl...emphasis on the GIRL.

I love being gritty enough to flank a soggy calf, but tender enough to cuddle a newborn baby for hours.

I love knowing how to properly inject subQ and IM vaccines, but equally savvy in homeopathic remedies that keep my family healthy.

I love being strong enough to help the guys on the ranch, but I'm equally satisfied by serving them a nutritious home cooked meal.

I'm stubborn enough to hold my ground when a mad mama cow comes at me head on, but submissive enough to do what I'm told by those who know more.

I currently have blisters and calluses on my hands and my nails are always chipped, but my lips are painted and my cheeks are contoured.

You see I grew up working beside one of the best cattle barons that's ever lived, in my biased opinion; and I also learned from the best mother and ranch wife.

I am the end result. Tough but tender. Gritty yet glamorous. Salty but sweet.

I learned from a young age I'd never outdo my father no matter how smart or tough I thought I was, and my mother taught me to be okay with that.

Because at the end of the day, he'll never outdo me when it comes to doing what God created cowGIRLS to do.

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