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I miss friendships before social media

I'm at this weird place where I don't know if I've outgrown my friends, or if they've outgrown me.

All I know is friendships are not the same. People invest more time in their social media friends than their actual friends.

We don't have time to send that "Miss you. Thinking of you" text, but we have 30 minutes to scroll Facebook.

We don't have time to go to the movies together, but we have time to binge watch Netflix for 5 hours straight, by ourselves, while scrolling Instagram.

We get so wrapped up in our new crush that we forget about the ones who wiped our tears from the last 10 heartbreaks.

Our friends become successful, or dream too big, so we cut them out of our life because their growth and ambition makes us uncomfortable.

We want to make new friends, but when we're in social settings we can't even look up from our phones long enough to make eye contact let alone a real connection.

Married friends expect single friends to support them and their kids, but are too busy to be bothered with things their single friends need.

Single friends begin to avoid their married friends because they don't want to be inconvenienced by their friends' new spouse and kids.

So, we hop online to replace our lifelong friends with virtual friends who require less sacrifice and commitment.

I miss friendships before social media and this narcissistic culture we've created.

I miss two-sided effort and support, and the wonderful feeling of genuine and unconditional love.

Can we all just put down our phones, be there for each other and value human interaction again? A "like" feels good, but a hug feels so much better.

At the end of our life, we'll never say "I wish I'd spent more time on social media". But we will regret the friendships we lost along the way, and the lives we failed to touch. 💋

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